bone tree bumper sticker winners!

Hello all you boneheads

bone tree has finally “picked” our contest winners.  Sorry it took so long…the band has been busy practicing and learning new material.

So…hereBumperSticker are the five winners:

  1. Michelle F.
  2. Nancy J. (a salt licker from Cactus Park!)
  3. Greg L.
  4. Vickie E. * of Orchard Mesa *
  5. Laurie B. of Florida!

CONGRATULATIONS YOU boneheads! …and thank you for playing!


* Vickie already had a bumper sticker and also is the fan that suggested the “bonehead” name for our faithful flock of deep canyon music followers…so she is getting a set of official bone tree earrings!  These are EXACTLY the same as the earrings Lisa wears while performing!Earrings_bone_tree

Yes…as our new bone tree swag store catalog swells we will be telling you about bone tree items so your bonehead collections can grow with you and the fan base.  Visit this link to the bone tree swag store catalog


By the way, the correct answer to the contest was: MARVELOUS

Finish this lyric from a Van Morrison song:

“It’s a ____________ night for a Moondance”
and, of course, the answer is

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