bone tree on KAFM January 8th!

KAFM meets bone tree

attention all you boneheads from across the land!

bone tree will be live and on the radio January 8, 2014 @ 5:30 – 6:30 PM (Mountain Time)!!

Yes…bone tree will be LIVE on KAFM (88.1 FM)
Boyd Franklin hosts the “Broaden Your Bandwidth” show and bone tree is the guest band!  We will be interviewed and also will play a bunch of songs live in the studio!

Catch us on that show via KAFM’s live stream here:
Note: I could only get the link to work via Internet Explorer…so test the link before the event so you can tune in for the entire hour!

What a great chance for boneheads from California, Florida, the Northeast, Chicago, Denver and even Africa to tune in to their FAVORITE DEEP CANYON BAND!  Mark your calendar….we will be buggin’ you about this for the next week!  Comment back if your town is not listed above so we know you will be out there!!  Homewood?  Grand Junction? Kansas?

Thanks to KAFM 88.1 and Boyd Franklin!!

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