Gigs are filling in for 2015

Well…it is hunting season!  Hunting for gigs, that is!  We have quite a number of gigs to announce soon…and, for now, make sure you check these out:

Friday, March 6, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
bone tree will be part of the First Friday event at Colorado Canyon Gallery & Gifts.
Located at 623 Main,Colorado Canyons Gallery and Gifts Grand Junction, (just west of the Avalon) the gallery features MANY GREAT local artists. From traditional to leading edge, from small to large, you have to come out to see the amazing collection of talent…and hear bone tree!

We have added many new songs for the upcoming season and look forward to seeing you boneheads there!  Arrive early…the place will be full!  Here is the link to the the gallery:

BoneTreeDividerApril 25, 2015, 7:00 PM
Pea Green Saturday Night
bone tree is honored to be part of the Pea Green Saturday Night 2015 line up!  Serious information: GET THERE EARLY!  This event is consistently the hottest ticket in Delta County and seats go fast.  Ticket sales start at 6:00 PM and, by that time, there could already be a line!  Also…take a seat cushion along…the seats are hard.  But what a great night of exciting music!  bone tree is the opening act and we start at 7:00 PM followed by food and then Gotta Be.

Keep your eyes on our gigs page for concert information as it develops.

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