bone tree blown away

bone tree at Redlands Farmers MarketLast night bone tree played at the Redlands Farmers Market and we and all the vendors and guests were blown away!  The winds picked up with massive gusts….blew our speakers over and blew many vendor tents and products around.  Some vendors lost their pop ups which were destroyed.  We heard of a some produce flipping over on to the ground and quite a few artisan products being destroyed.  bone tree tried to continue after things “settled down” but then we had rain!  Soon we packed it up and went home.  BUT we will be back at the Redlands Farmers Market to try again next week (July 2).  See you there!  Make a night of it…they have $2 hot dogs and $3 Polish dogs…lots of produce, vendors, nice people, and bone tree!  Thanks to those who stuck it out…particularly those who helped us get our gear out of the rain.

bone tree at Redlands United Methodist Church Farmers Market

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