Thanks Wayside Chapel and Randy and Carol Bremmer

bone tree Bluegrass Music Wayside Chapel Picnicbone tree had a blast at the Bremmers’ ranch on the 4th of July!  Lots of friends, neighbors, and boneheads attended a picnic that refused to be rained out…but just barely!  We had lightning, thunder, and a gentle spray as huge clouds and weather systems rolled all around us.  Eventually things let up and a nice rainbow showed up.

bone bree Bluegrass Music Wayside Chapel Picnic Pat MartinDuring our first break, cowboy poet Pat Martin read from her beautiful collection of original cowboy poetry.  If you missed her at the picnic, make sure you keep an eye on the local events as she appears around the area at many venues.  She will be reading her work at the Museum of Western Colorado November 6 – 7 and presenting there with many other Cowboy Poets.  Learn more here:

We were also treated to some music by Randy Bremmer later in the show.  Randy had is trusty Yamaha FG-200 in perfect harmony for his selection of a few songs from his repertoire (YES…I had to look up how to spell “repertoire”)!

Thanks again for the fun, memories, and support!

bone tree Bluegrass Music Wayside Chapel and Picnic

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