KAFM and bone tree try to Broaden your Bandwidth

bone tree had a blast at KAFM on Wednesday, January 8th.  KAFM_003


Boyd slidin around on that sound board



Thanks to our radio host, Boyd, and the whole crew!

Great job…bone tree felt very welcome.


As soon as we can we will post the audio from that show.  For now, here are a few photos courtesy of Jan Rickman!  Thanks Jan!








bone tree sounds like this….

recordingAt last!  You will start hearing and maybe even SEEING bone tree in action!

Here is the first sound byte!

CLICK HERE to listen to Randall Collins

We are learning…we are recording in one take…not yet to the point where we know how to multi-track…so it’s a little raw!

Let us know your thoughts…stay tuned as a few more will be posted soon!

We have a private gig this week and are practicing hard for that so bear with us boneheads!

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Recording today…

recordingThis weekend bone tree is going to record a few measures of a couple of our deep canyon music  to post on the blog.


Hopefully you will be clicking to hear us soon!



ALSO: If you have not entered the bumper sticker contest..do it! 

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