bone tree at the Redlands Farmers Market

hey boneheads

Here are some photos from bonehead Don who drove ALL THE WAY FROM VERMONT (kind of) to hear bone tree play at the Redlands Farmers Market.  THANKS DON! Nice photos!

bone tree will be playing at the Redlands Farmers Market September 2nd (we are off this week).  Please come on by!

bone tree at Redlands Farmers MarketlisaDean of bone treeBob and Lisa of bone tree

bone tree in the Redlands

bone tree palys at the Redlands Farmers Marketbone tree is playing TONIGHT at the Redlands Farmers Market!  If you have not been to this market you need to swing by.  There is AMAZING produce from the Produce Peddler including the sweetest cantaloupe you have ever tasted…right from Mack!

Taylor produce is also set up and a few more.  Hey…it’s not the biggest farmers market in the world…but it is one of the best…and it is so close!

Find us at the Methodist church just west of the light at Redlands Parkway and Broadway.

Redland boneheads …come on out!  We would love to see you there!

bone tree joins the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society

Colorado Bluegrass Music Society Supporting the Colorado Bluegrass Communitybone tree has joined the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society.  “Supporting the Colorado Bluegrass Community” is their creed…here is their website:

“The Colorado Bluegrass Music Society is a statewide organization dedicated to the preservation and the vigorous playing of bluegrass, acoustic and roots music.

Membership is open to everyone…bands, corporate sponsors, individuals….you too can join this great organization!  You will then get their monthly newsletter “Power Pickin'” so you stay up on the latest that bluegrass has to offer!  Visit their website, read their blog, see all the great bands represented there (plus their venues and shows in the area), and keep enjoying the great music!

Thank you, boneheads!

Bonehead Nation….THANK YOU ALL for being at the many shows bone tree had this past week.  From Rifle, Delta, Grand Junction…the fair, farmers markets, and other stages were all just great times for us….and that is because of YOU.  We love all the boneheads out there in the crowds, new followers and those who have been with us from the beginning!

Thank you again….BONEHEADS ROCK!

Mesa County Fair – tonight! bone tree on stage!

Boneheads!  Tonight bone tree is on at the Mesa County Fair Celebration Stage!

We are very proud of Mesa County and the many talents that will be represented at the Fair…from livestock presentations and competitions to art, crafts, agriculture…and all the new facilities too.  Don’t miss Hawg Food Fire Grill while at the Fair!  Don and Sally are our friends and have a GREAT kitchen that you won’t want to miss.  Enjoy great food AND music!  bone tree goes on stage at 6:00 PM tonight (July 17th).  See you there…and THANK YOU to all the boneheads that found us on Main Street last night for the GJ Farmers Market.  It was very hot out on that street..and the boneheads sure made the day by showing up…bone tree is busy hydrating for tonight!

A very busy bone tree in July!

Boneheads!  bone tree is excited about the month of July!  We have a LOT of appearances and wanted to make sure you have all of them on your calendar.  Visit the gigs link on our menu for details on these events and we will see you there!

July 8, Wednesday, 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
The Redlands Farmers’ Market

July 9, Thursday, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
The Hilltop Music Series

July 16, Thursday, 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
the Grand Junction Farmers Market

July 17, Friday, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Mesa County Fair

July 18, Saturday, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Deltarado Days 2015

Thanks Wayside Chapel and Randy and Carol Bremmer

bone tree Bluegrass Music Wayside Chapel Picnicbone tree had a blast at the Bremmers’ ranch on the 4th of July!  Lots of friends, neighbors, and boneheads attended a picnic that refused to be rained out…but just barely!  We had lightning, thunder, and a gentle spray as huge clouds and weather systems rolled all around us.  Eventually things let up and a nice rainbow showed up.

bone bree Bluegrass Music Wayside Chapel Picnic Pat MartinDuring our first break, cowboy poet Pat Martin read from her beautiful collection of original cowboy poetry.  If you missed her at the picnic, make sure you keep an eye on the local events as she appears around the area at many venues.  She will be reading her work at the Museum of Western Colorado November 6 – 7 and presenting there with many other Cowboy Poets.  Learn more here:

We were also treated to some music by Randy Bremmer later in the show.  Randy had is trusty Yamaha FG-200 in perfect harmony for his selection of a few songs from his repertoire (YES…I had to look up how to spell “repertoire”)!

Thanks again for the fun, memories, and support!

bone tree Bluegrass Music Wayside Chapel and Picnic

Redlands Farmers Market – Wednesday – July 1

bone tree palys at the Redlands Farmers Marketbone tree will be trying this again…last week we had terrible winds blow the Farmers Market away…many stayed put and faced the storm…but it was brutal!  This week: Temps will be in the triple digits!  But that won’t stop bone tree or the bonehead nation!  We will be at the United Methodist Church – 527 Village Way (just west of Broadway Elementary School). We will be playing on the grassy area…under lots of nice shade trees…picnic benches and nice areas for picnic blankets. Make a night of it!  $2 Hot Dogs!  Fresh produce, music, gift vendors…how can you miss?  See you there!  FREE PARKING!!!

Redlands Boneheads…support your new Farmer’s Market!
July 1, Wednesday, 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM at the Redlands Farmers Market

bone tree featued in the Power Pickin’ newspaper

Power Pickin bone tree is featured in the June 2015 issue of the Power Pickin’ newspaper!  Power Pickin’ is the official publication of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society.  We were interviewed at the KAFM offices earlier this year for the article.

So…if you can get your hands on a copy, we are on Page 10.  Thanks so much to Veta Gumber (aka “VetaBluegrass”) for her coverage.  If you have not seen the article, here is a scan of it.  Want to get a copy of the newspaper every month?  Just visit their website at and become a sponsor!  Support Colorado Bluegrass and stay informed on MANY great bands, events, concerts, and so much more.  Click on the article, below, and enjoy this story!  Thanks again, Veta, and thanks to all our bonehead fans for your support!

Power Pickin from the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society

CLICK TO ENLARGE (so you can read it)

bone tree blown away

bone tree at Redlands Farmers MarketLast night bone tree played at the Redlands Farmers Market and we and all the vendors and guests were blown away!  The winds picked up with massive gusts….blew our speakers over and blew many vendor tents and products around.  Some vendors lost their pop ups which were destroyed.  We heard of a some produce flipping over on to the ground and quite a few artisan products being destroyed.  bone tree tried to continue after things “settled down” but then we had rain!  Soon we packed it up and went home.  BUT we will be back at the Redlands Farmers Market to try again next week (July 2).  See you there!  Make a night of it…they have $2 hot dogs and $3 Polish dogs…lots of produce, vendors, nice people, and bone tree!  Thanks to those who stuck it out…particularly those who helped us get our gear out of the rain.

bone tree at Redlands United Methodist Church Farmers Market